What is Kindness?

The modern dictionary defines “kindness” as being good, benevolent, humane, and gentle. Now consider the Buddhist definition: loving benevolence. Let’s delve deeper; what is benevolence? Goodwill, charity, a desire to do good.

Now that we have a context, it is … Read more

The Power of the Group

For all the value of one-on-one therapy, the therapeutic group experience can be even more transformative. The very personal nature of the sharing and feedback of group members, as well as the input from a group facilitator, provide an experience … Read more

Are You Listening?

Kindness begets kindness. And if the seed of kindness is within us, then we must nurture it by paying attention to cues from others as well as ourselves.

We communicate in so many ways, verbally and non-verbally, face-to-face and virtually.  … Read more

What is Animal Therapy?

There is an increasing understanding of the role animal companions can play in our mental and physical well-being.  On a basic level, regular interaction with an animal companion is known to improve our emotional state, cognitive function and social ease. … Read more