Life-CoachingAre You Out Of Alignment On Your Personal And Professional Path?

Are you questioning if you are happy or fulfilled in your career? Are you considering going back to school or creating a more enriching social life? Do you wish you could form a deeper understanding of what it is you want and need in your personal and professional life? Have challenges with communication made it hard to enter into and maintain healthy relationships with your partner, family or colleagues?

Maybe you experience anxiety or a tinge in your stomach when you see a certain person or step outside of your comfort zone, but don’t know what these feelings are trying to tell you. Or perhaps you’re struggling with issues of intimacy or honesty with your partner. You may wish to strengthen your connection, but feel uncertain about how to create the relationship and life you both want. You might be considering a transition – moving to a new city or changing your career – but question if the change is what you really want. Do you want to connect with your soul’s inner knowing and be guided by your higher wisdom rather than continuing to make decisions based on ideas about what you are supposed to do?

The Difference Between Life Coaching And Therapy

We all have the unlimited ability to create the life we want. But, at times, it can feel like we’ve been programmed to sabotage our own efforts. In these instances, it can be helpful to have a neutral, professional support system – often a therapist or life coach – to provide support, guidance and feedback.

Both our therapists and coaches work with our clients to create a collaborative partnership that is trusting and respectful, using skills of deep listening and active communication. Both use questions that increase personal awareness and insight. And at Soul Wisdom Therapy, we believe that you have the strength and ability to discover your own unique solutions to issues and life challenges.

An experienced, qualified life coach focuses on the manifestation of your vision, helping you make meaningful strides toward your dreams as quickly as the first session.  Your coach provides support as you claim responsibility for your life and works with you to design action-steps you can begin taking immediately. With this type of hands-on guidance and support, you can learn to hold yourself accountable, overcome your challenges and create the life you want.

Therapy is vital for those with deeper, underlying psychological challenges. Coaching is for those who are ready to begin the process to make significant life changes, break through negative blocks and recognize and follow the path of their soul’s purpose.

For advanced therapy patients, life coaching can be an additional benefit, but coaching assumes the basic well-being of its clients and never engages in therapy independently. A coach is trained to detect any need for therapy and follows guidelines for when to refer a coaching client to a therapist. At Soul Wisdom Therapy, we follow those guidelines, offering you either or both therapy and coaching, depending upon your need.

Life Coaching Can Help You Feel Aligned With Your Soul Purpose

Oftentimes it is our self-imposed beliefs and limitations that keep us from achieving our personal and professional goals. At Soul Wisdom Therapy, based in Sacramento, Davis and surrounding areas of Northern California, we focus on personal and professional transformation, healing relationships and helping you live your full potential. Our sessions are designed to give immediate results, assisting you in accessing your own inner wisdom so that you can develop solutions and take action.

We start our work together by exploring the challenges you are experiencing. Beginning with your initial intake session we will create a life coaching plan that will begin moving you full-speed ahead. As mentors, teachers and coaches, we instill enthusiasm and encourage you to accomplish more than you thought you could. Together, we will begin the process of supporting you to better understand the challenges you are facing, define the causes and develop effective solutions.

Communication plays a significant role in personal, professional and relationship challenges. The key to learning how to communicate effectively with others is to recognize your own internal communication. At Soul Wisdom Therapy, we can help you understand how your words and thoughts may be influenced by current fears or past trauma. You may think of six possible reactions to a situation, each one informed by a different age range in your life when you have gone through a traumatic experience – the scared little girl or the adult who never got over being fired. When you recognize how your current behavior is informed by past events, you can take the first step toward forgiving yourself and taking back control of your life.

Across every one of our personal and professional relationships, we’re all sharing and communicating inside the same space. Everyone in that space contributes to the alchemy of the relationship, so when one person is off, the whole relationship feels off. It isn’t that you or the other person is bad or mean, only that one or both of you are fairly unconscious in the relationship.  Soul Wisdom Coaching will help bring greater awareness to both you and your partner, whether you are seeking one-on-one coaching or decide to come in together for couples coaching. Clarifying your underlying intentions and goals through authentic, heart-felt communication can help you create a beautiful, thriving relationship.

In our life coaching sessions, we use a variety of methods and modalities to assist you in releasing those paralyzing feelings of being stuck in old and limiting patterns of thought and behavior. Through life coaching, you can dare to reveal your inner truth and needs to yourself. And, from there, you can find the support you need to begin the journey of taking responsibility for those areas that are keeping you stuck and unhappy.

In addition to personal coaching, for more than five years we have provided career and professional coaching to individuals and small organizations in and around Sacramento and Davis, California. Our efforts in the professional arena include supporting job transitioning with such tools as resume and bio support, interview techniques and preparation for interviews, beginning new jobs and both hiring and firing.  Additionally, we offer training for public speaking, oral and written communication enhancement, strengthening staff and management communication and ways to lift company morale.  We also provide manager coaching to create successful, positive business relationships across your team.

Coaching is a powerful process that can shift, expand and change your life, relationships, career and how you relate to yourself. Together, we’ll connect you to your soul’s voice and help you set sail into greater internal awareness, purposeful living and joy.

But you may still have questions about life coaching…

I can’t change who I am. My situation is out of my hands.

While you may feel trapped right now, there are steps you can take to feel more hopeful and confident in your ability to change your situation. You aren’t alone in your journey. Life coaching can give you the guidance and support you need to make the change you want.

I’ve tried coaching before and it didn’t work.

Coaches use a variety of approaches, and it is possible your previous coach used a more mental-based, action-oriented style such as making and crossing off checklists. Alternatively, Soul Wisdom life coaching is designed to help you release issues and transform your life in the most empowering way. We aren’t here to judge or criticize, but to bring in your inner voice to help you develop your own inner coach.

I’m getting by just fine. I don’t need to change who I am.

At Soul Wisdom Therapy, we always extend the invitation to begin the process of self-discovery. Our goal isn’t to change who you are, but to help you identify areas of opportunity and hope. Everyone starts their journey of personal growth in a different place. However, if you want to experience change or growth, your opportunities are endless.

You Can Cultivate Control Of Your Life

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