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Anxiety-TreatmentAre You Plagued By Anxiety, Panic Attacks or Phobias?

Do you feel anxious in specific situations or with certain people? Have you struggled with long-term anxiety or obsessive compulsive behaviors or traits, perhaps as a result of a high-stress career? Are you overwhelmed to the point that you are having trouble sleeping? You may find yourself developing addictive behaviors as a way to numb yourself or as an escape from persistent troubling thoughts,  emotions or body sensations. Perhaps you are afraid to be alone with your thoughts, constantly needing a distraction to keep yourself busy. You may worry your anxiety and fears are limiting your ability to be successful or lead the life you imagined.

Or, maybe you have been the victim of a traumatic event that has left you feeling hyper-vigilante or anxious in situations that remind you of the experience in any way. You may have developed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result. It may feel impossible to escape the memories and the pain of being a victim. Additionally, deeper or chronic anxiety may lead to depression, leaving you feeling too tired or hopeless to work toward or even visualize a solution. You may feel like you are constantly on guard, taking everything around you as a perceived threat. Although you may want to feel calm or at peace in your life, you struggle to slow down and be still. Do you wish you could take the energy you spend being anxious and use it to enjoy life instead?

Almost Everyone Experiences Some Anxiety

Most Americans experience some degree of anxiety. It is a natural part of life that we can never completely eliminate. There are always things that come up that cause fear or discomfort, and our bodies attempt to use anxiety as a way to protect ourselves. But, there are a lot of people who live with chronic or intense anxiety – often as a result of or in regard to one particular event or situation – who are unable to control or escape their fears and concerns.

Anxieties and fears are often born from traumatic events and triggered by people, places or things associated with those events. You may feel a constant anxiety or struggle with specific phobias like crossing bridges, claustrophobia, spiders, clowns or balloons. After suffering a harmful or embarrassing panic attack, you may begin to fear having another. These worries can build until you are trapped under a cloud of what could occur, rather than living in the moment. Alternatively, you may have learned certain anxieties from your parents. An Emory University study revealed that both short and long-term anxieties and phobias can be passed down through generations.

The good news is that as a highly experienced therapist, I can help you escape negative thought patterns. You can take control of your fears and feel calm and comfortable in your life.

Anxiety Treatment Can Help You Feel Calm and Peaceful

Countless individuals struggle with anxiety, panic attacks and phobias. And, while there are similarities in experience, the causes and symptoms behind their challenges are always unique. I know that anxiety impacts every aspect of your life. I also know that effective anxiety treatment must work to heal the entire person: mind, body and spirit.

After more than 23 years of training and experience, I am well aware that your specific phobias and anxieties can often be healed quickly with my professional guidance and support. I can teach you tools and strategies that allow you to alleviate the grip your fear has on you until you eventually let it go completely.

If you suffer from more generalized or chronic anxiety, it may take longer to realize lasting recovery. Additionally, many addictive behaviors form as ways to escape from prolonged or acute anxiety, and effective anxiety treatment can sometimes give you the tools you need to eliminate the harmful addiction.

The length of treatment really depends on how long you have struggled with your anxiety or how deep it runs. However, regardless of your anxiety experience, there is hope for relief. By learning and using relaxation practices and other techniques that help your body and mind work together, you can develop the inner resources you need to release yourself from worries and experience peace in the present moment.

I can help you learn how to soothe yourself when you are feeling anxious and tap into your inner resources to feel better. When treating anxieties and phobias, there is a necessary exposure element that can help you face the thing(s) you are afraid of. In our sessions, you will learn to manage your fears, little by little, in a safe way and only as you are ready. I will teach you techniques to stop intrusive, unwanted thoughts and emotions, as well as coping strategies to help you relax more completely in the face of triggers.

I use a combination of anxiety treatment techniques –EMDR, mindfulness techniques, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) Therapy, somatic therapies such as Somatic Experiencing, Brainspotting and hypnotherapy – to help relieve you of anxiety symptoms. For example, with EMDR, clients can heal within a short period of time from the type of PTSD that happens after one-time traumatic incidents like car accidents, dog bites, sexual assaults or witnessing a violent episode or death. EMDR speeds up therapy because it works in a deeper way with the body and mind, having a direct effect on how our brains process information. By making new neural connections in your brain, you can detach from painful emotions and heal from trauma and abuse.

Your ability to heal and maintain a sense of mobility and freedom depends on the connection between mind, body and spirit. Using integrated mindfulness techniques, I will help you recognize and strengthen this connection. With a complete approach to anxiety treatment and personal growth, you can release tension and reduce pain, increase your happiness and quality of life and form a deeper bond with others and with yourself.

With my professional guidance and support, you can recognize and heal the root causes behind your anxiety or phobias and live a calm, peaceful life.

But you may still have questions or concerns about anxiety treatment…

Anxiety treatment is going to make me face my fears. I’m not sure I’m ready for that…

While it is true that you have to face your fears in order to overcome them, you remain in control. I can help expose you to your fears in a safe way, working alongside of you but never pushing you beyond what you are willing and able to do. Additionally, I will teach you a variety of methods and techniques that can help you feel strong enough to face your anxiety.

I don’t have the time for weekly anxiety treatment appointments.

It can be difficult taking time for yourself, particularly when you already feel overwhelmed by the challenges in front of you. But, your anxiety and fears are likely costing you multiple hours of productivity and happiness every day. So, while anxiety treatment does require a time commitment, you quickly earn that time back by managing your worries and fears and increasing your energy and productivity.

I’m concerned I’ll just go from one anxiety to another…

As your Soul Wisdom Therapy therapist, I will teach you tools and techniques that you can use for the rest of your life to address the root cause behind your anxiety, not just the symptoms. You will learn to effectively manage anxious and fearful feelings instead of jumping from one trigger to another.

You Can Feel Free and In Control

If you are ready to take control of your life, or if you have additional questions about anxiety treatment with me at Soul Wisdom Therapy in Davis, I invite you to schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation.

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