Comparison vs. Self-Acceptance

It is obvious that each of us is a unique being – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Even identical twins are truly only about 85% identical. So why do we so often compare ourselves with others? “I am…(fatter, shorter, lazier, not as pretty, much more talented, not as skilled…)” Comparison leads to resentment and competitiveness, rather than growth and cooperation. It means that your very self-worth is dependent on others.

Your tone-deaf friend complains that she can’t sing, but is a greatly talented artist.

Your sister constantly compares her body to those she sees in fashion magazines, feeling ugly and inadequate. And she misses the fact that she has a lovely smile, a brilliant mind, and an attractive physique.

DiversityYour neighbor fits the stereotype of “keeping up with the Joneses” by purchasing the very newest and best car, or computer, or other possession, feeling a need to be competitive.

Does that acquisitive neighbor enjoy and appreciate his possessions or does he acquire them only because he perceives others do and he wants to be like them? Does your sister know the challenges and struggles behind the fashion model that she admires? Can she learn to love and appreciate her own body for all its beauty?

When you turn inward and re-acquaint yourself with your own unique being, you find no need to compare yourself with others. You accept and appreciate yourself, mind, body and soul. You can learn to mindfully be at peace with who, where, and what you are right now, in this moment.

You may find it helpful to take an “inventory”…write down everything you appreciate about yourself. This exercise can make you more aware of your unique features. Notice what has changed in your life and your being – compare yourself to yourself!

And remember, if you find that journey a challenge, there is always help available to you.

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