What Does It Mean to Be In Harmony?

In music, harmony is defined as “chords and chord progressions having a pleasing effect.” Discord, then, is when combinations of tones produce irritating, dissonant effects.

The same is true of life.

Harmony in life has a great deal to do with balance – or, little dissonance. Balance between work and play. Balance between action and introspection. But balance does not mean that your life is split 50/50 between opposites. No, harmony is created when all aspects of your life support you by “having a pleasing effect.” If your soul is supported by being far more active than introspective, and you recognize and honor that, then that aspect of your life is in harmony.

Here are some ways to live harmoniously.

  • Find new ways to balance your work/play/family time, so that your all-important relationships are in symmetry.
  • Know what to let go of, and when, to create healing and happiness. This can mean physical possessions, relationships, habits or thoughts that no longer serve.
  • Enforce your boundaries. Be aware of and schedule your major time-taking activities, and learn to say “no” when something comes up that feels discordant.
  • Remind yourself to be in the present moment. We at Soul Wisdom Therapy often write about mindfulness, because it is critical to the sense of harmony and peace we can feel.
  • Allow your life to flow naturally, in ups and downs, aware of your purpose as you go through life’s stages and seasons.

If you believe the best of yourself, knowing that you live harmoniously, allowing your soul to shine, then it becomes easier to allow that harmony to flow into your outward life. You feel peace in knowing that you are sufficient just as you are. This simple acceptance reduces discord and increases harmony. Allowing this natural flow of harmony also means that you no longer try to control the thinking or behavior of others.

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