What is Spiritual Fitness?

In our last post, we discussed the benefits of physical and mental fitness. Now let’s address how to stay spiritually fit.

Because we are whole beings (body, mind, soul), the different aspects of self are not separate. The wellness of one aspect directly affects the wellness of all. Too often, we in the Western cultures forget to include spirituality in our wellness routines. One way to test your fitness is to ask yourself these questions.

  • Are your thoughts and actions guided by your values?
  • Do you practice self-care?
  • Do you accept that others have differing views from yours?

Symptoms that you may be spiritually out of alignment include a sense of hopelessness, disengagement with your life, disrespecting others, lack of forgiveness (of yourself and others), and behavior that does not match your core values.

Spiritual FitnessJust as we stretch and exercise the physical body, we need to stretch and exercise the spiritual body on a regular basis.

One way to do that is to engage in spiritually fulfilling activities like prayer, meditation, yoga, stillness, mindfulness. These are “nourishing” activities which connect us to our faith in something greater than ourselves. They help create harmony between your soul wisdom and what you perceive as “outside.” You are more willing to transcend the “self” to engage with others.

Staying spiritually fit motivates you to stay fit in other ways as well. When you are connected with your soul wisdom, you know what nourishes your soul and are willing and eager to do so. You enjoy using your body and feeding it in a healthy way. You enjoy mental activities which keep your brain and mind sharp and flexible.

When all three aspects of self are strong and healthy, you are more able to handle life’s challenges and stressors in a healthy way. You understand the transitory nature of these challenges and can judge when to ask for help and when to let go. You make moral decisions based on your values and engage on a deeper level with those in your circle. You know what matters most in your life, and focus on that.

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