Accepting Change as Evolution

Consider the wisdom of the quote below. Are you exactly the same person you were five years ago, with the same experiences and knowledge? Have you learned nothing new in that time? Of course not – we all change.

Evolution is a necessary part of life, whether it’s a shift of opinion, of spiritual or religious views, of relationships, of career, or any other major life experience. Without change, there is no growth. 

mistakesLook at nature for examples. When a seed is planted it undergoes massive change and evolution to become the plant it is intended to be. What is death to the caterpillar is birth to the butterfly.

Many people fear change, expecting the worst as a result of any shift in their lives. These fearful people are focused on the negative, blocking wonderful possibilities. Their reluctance to change may cause them to remain stuck in an unhealthy situation like abuse, shame or illness.

When you embrace change and appreciate the evolution and growth that accompanies it, you have an opportunity to experience more of your soul purpose. With a change in a relationship, you may have the opportunity to make amends or forgive yourself or the other. With a change in viewpoint, you may have increased empathy or understanding for another person or a situation. With a change in thought processes and behavior, you may experience increased joy and health.

We all know the adage about expecting different results with the same behavior. “If nothing changes, nothing changes.”

Learn to embrace evolution as necessary growth, and as the opportunity for your soul to expand. As Tryon Edwards says, you will be “wiser on the morrow.”

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