What Can You Hear in the Silence?

In our busy and noisy electronic age, it is rare to find true silence. In this context we are not referring to silence as the absence of sound, but as the absence of input, chatter, the hums and beeps of technology, and repetitious and useless thoughts.

We may rebel against silence, where we are confronted with our own feelings and possibilities, but it is in this vacuum (if we can avoid rushing to fill it) that we can have the most understanding and growth. We become aware of how we feel (physically, emotionally, mentally) and what we need and desire. We bypass the ego in favor of the higher self and allow healing, inspiration, and creativity to occur.

In silence, we have time to deliberately listen to our thoughts and allow them to drift. This allows the mind to relax from the constant bombardment of noise in our lives. This relaxation is actually an active process…the brain heals from the normal stressors and stress hormones.

Silence is a disconnection from the outside world, and a true connection with yourself, with your Soul Wisdom, with the universe. When you still the constant input, you can truly feel compassion and understanding for yourself, and then for others.

Sometimes the quiet consists of being still with someone else. Active listening, being present, offering love without judgment, with no need to speak. This can be a very powerful and healing time.

Often the practice of silence feels awkward at first, like when you first begin to meditation. However over time it is becomes very easy to slip into a still space.

If the only way to make time to experience silence is to schedule a private “retreat time,” then do so. Schedule a regular period in your weekly calendar that is sacrosanct.

Create the ideal space for this quiet time, preferably in nature. Notice how you change with this practice, mind, body and soul.

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