An Ending or a New Beginning?

We all know that life is a journey of change. If there were no change, there would also be no growth. A well-known proverb tells of a kind-hearted man who opened a cocoon to free the emerging butterfly. In his attempt to help, he instead crippled the butterfly; without the struggle to emerge, the butterfly’s wings never expanded to capacity.

Great physical strength comes from the tearing down and rebuilding of muscle tissue. Bodily changes occur which optimize the body’s reaction to struggle and increase resistance and strength. Likewise spiritual, emotional and mental strength can arise from letting go of ways of being that no longer serve you.

Some people resist change, usually in fear of losing something of value to them – a relationship, a deeply-held belief, a habitual reaction to an event. It is natural to grieve loss, however we can choose our reaction to the change that comes with these endings. In the process, we can choose to embrace new opportunities, new learning, and new relationships.

death-birthFor example, perhaps you know that your career does not make you happy, but you are resistant to making a change. You experience self-doubt and a lack of confidence in your strengths and talents that would make you a valuable addition to a different organization. Or perhaps additional training or schooling would benefit a career change, yet you are reluctant to commit. You feel “comfortable” in your discomfort, preferring the familiarity of your current position to the uncertainty of letting go of it.

Or perhaps you are in a similar position with an unhealthy relationship – remaining out of familiarity and not daring to let go. Yet the letting go may allow space for wonderful new friendships to develop.

As you hold back out of fear, you are remaining in the cocoon, safe and comfortable but in the dark. A whole new world awaits you when you let go of fear and in this current moment dare to stretch your wings and let go.

How will you meet the inevitable end of things, and how will you greet each new beginning? The choice is yours.

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