Finding Safety in Everyday Life

For some people, the need for personal safety can get in the way of living life to the fullest. Those who have been physically, emotionally or mentally wounded may find that those scars, those fears, take on more power than they would like. The sexually abused may fear intimacy. An assault victim may fear sudden movement. A survivor of a natural disaster may be reluctant to leave the house.

These fears are limiting beliefs that what has happened may or will happen again. The belief combines fear of a past event which did occur with a fear of a future event which has not occurred. The key is to learn to live in the present moment, rather than the past or future. Although an event happened in the past, it is not occurring now; likewise, the future has not yet happened.

ship in a harborLimiting beliefs build a velvet cage. The cage feels comfortable, familiar and safe, but it locks you into a place without growth or fulfillment. Eventually you may feel trapped in your comfort zone and resentful that life has not offered you opportunities you might wish to have.

For some people, the feeling of being unsafe is related to a lack of control. Feeling in control of a situation provides the illusion that you’re safe because you are in familiar patterns. However the familiarity is another aspect of that cage.

One way to begin overcoming this limitation is to learn grounding techniques to help you get centered in your body in a calm way. We have mentioned before the benefits of meditation, mindfulness and visualization to center yourself in the present moment.

Practice positive self talk. Replace limiting thoughts of, “I’m afraid” to “I trust I am safe” and “I am strong and capable.” With practice, positive thoughts become habitual and replace fearful ones. Your confidence increases while fear decreases.

It can be challenging to overcome fear and live a fulfilling, rich life. If events have taken place in your life and you have locked yourself into that velvet cage, reach out for help. That is what Soul Wisdom Therapy is here for.

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