Opening to Your Creative Flow

It has been proven that creativity is an important part of establishing and maintaining well-being, and mindfulness is a part of the process. When people are actively creative every day, in even a very small way, they report feeling more up-beat and happy.

Creating something new can be as small as driving a new way to work or as big as building furniture. It involves new ways of thinking and doing. Yet in your everyday “do-ing” you may miss an opportunity for novelty – this is where mindfulness can be of help.

When you allow time to meditate and when you are fully present in the moment, distractions float away and the creative parts of the brain become engaged. Allowing the free flow of thoughts and asking internal questions (“I wonder what would happen if…” or “How else can I look at this?”, for example) can trigger new insights.

Once an insight is recognized you have the opportunity to act upon it, experimenting with the process. The mind becomes balanced between right and left hemispheres (between the structured and creative sides of the brain) and more new insights appear to guide you through the most effective solutions. When you avoid judgment and practice compassion, any lingering fear of failure is reduced. You can feel a sense of satisfaction and empowerment in the resolution of problems and the creating of something new.

Using the arts as an outlet for your creativity can allow you to release and be more in touch with thoughts and emotions you have not been able to express. You can express yourself through any sort of medium – coloring or drawing, needlework, painting, sculpture, or music, for instance. Artwork lowers stress and allows you to connect with your soul, shifting you from unpleasant thoughts into fun and restful activities. It can be very useful to sit quietly and doodle on paper, allowing a free flow from your subconscious to your hand.

And the sense of accomplishment upon completion of something new is a powerful emotion.

No matter the form your creativity takes, allow it. Become aware of opportunities to open your mind and let the healing flow.

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