Resolutions or Intentions?

Our culture often stresses the value of making “resolutions” for the new year, a to-do list of “do” and “don’t” for our lives. We suggest a slightly different approach. As the end of the year approaches, many people go within, seeking peace, healing, and understanding.

Rather than resolving to do or not do something, set the intention of being better to yourself in the new year. Create a plan for yourself that includes its own intrinsic rewards for taking action. For instance, if you set the intention to set aside time every single day for yourself and you succeed in doing so, you will feel so much more grounded and settled that this feeling becomes the reward for taking that action, and you will continue it.

peace and wisdomThere are as many different ways to take care of yourself as there are people. For one person, this may mean consistent physical activity. Someone else may want to change their eating habits. For another, a daily creative practice of art, crafting, or music may be the goal.

Our culture too often focuses on going “out there” for guidance and comfort. But true healing and guidance comes from our core, our soul wisdom. A very effective way to tap into that wisdom is to meditate daily.

Meditation, as a way to turn inward, takes many forms: guided imagery, yoga, silence, mindfulness, transcendental (use of a mantra or repeated chant), Qi Gong, and more, and has been practiced for millennia by many cultures. These practices allow our minds and bodies to relax and be still. Practicing for even a few minutes a day can bring relief, but the more you use one of these forms of healing, the more optimal the benefit.

As you still the mind and spirit, you may experience increased intuition, clarity and focus in your daily life.

Set the intention to try one of these “inward” practices, and discover what feels right for you. Don’t give up after one attempt – regular practice can lead to great changes in your well-being!

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