Seasons of Change

We all know that nature has a rhythm – a time for planting and for harvesting, a time to hibernate and a time to become active. Consider that your body and soul have seasons as well, natural cycles of life.

We are always changing and evolving, according to our beliefs and the circumstances those beliefs create. These stages are not related to your age, for example, or a change of careers, although these may factor into it. Rather, these are cycles of being. Learning how to flow through the seasons of change with acceptance allows increased ease and wisdom.

A “winter” cycle may be, for example, a time of depression or lethargy, but also a cycle with quiet introspection, in which you choose to socialize less, engage in quiet activities, stay indoors more. You experience “winter” when you feel a period of grief and mourning, knowing that the spring is coming soon.

And a “spring” season brings new growth and opportunities to your life. During a “spring” cycle you feel invigorated and motivated to sample different experiences, meet new people, learn a skill. It is often a time of creative or strategic thinking and planning.

A “summer” cycle of life is a time of socialization, networking, and increasing physical activity. As the song says, “Summertime, and the living is easy…” You enjoy your activities and your relationships.

And “autumn” is a time of release, letting go of what no longer serves you. The process of evaluation may bring up memories from the past and a feeling of nostalgia.

Acceptance of these natural rhythms is essential to living a full life, a life of mindfulness. When you release judgment about what you are experiencing, you flow naturally through the cycles. Releasing judgment comes with an understanding that “to everything there is a season.” You learn and grow along the way, emotionally, physically and socially.

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