Do You Make Snap Decisions?

We hope you have been enjoying this series of posts on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

Think about how you make decisions. Is it easy for you? Do you make snap judgments or take time to consider the possibilities? In today’s post we will talk about the decision-making pair of Thinking vs. Feeling.

When making a decision, the “Thinker” often prefers to find the basic truth or foundation of the situation. For you, decision-making can be analytical and logical rather than personal, focused more on the outcome than the process. You usually want to be fair and truthful, with less emphasis on tact. In some situations you can appear to be uncaring as you focus more on thought than feeling.

The “Feeler” on the other hand usually prefers to make decisions based upon other peoples’ thoughts and feeling. You appreciate an outcome of harmony and balance and are more concerned with the process than the result. You more often focus on communication and compassion, and less on logic and analysis. In some situations you can be judged as idealistic or missing the point.

emotion man-273398_960_720It is easy to see how both Thinkers and Feelers could benefit in family or workplace decisions, in which several people must make a common decision. This pairing, in cooperative and respectful discussion, can present all aspects relating to the decision to be made.

In our society we often have the preconceived notion of masculine vs. feminine roles in regard to logic vs. emotion – many a movie and television show focuses on this theme. We may be taught that men are far more likely to be “thinkers” and not in touch with their feelings, or that women can’t be logical thinkers as they’re too emotional. But it is important to remember that this type indicator pairing only represents the most preferred approaches to decision-making, and do not represent more global personality traits. Gender is not a component.

When you are next faced with a decision, whether in a group or on your own, be conscious of these concepts; you may learn what works best for you and if you might benefit from a change in focus.

In our next post, we will present the fourth pairing, Judging vs. Perceiving – how you deal with the external world.

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