Letting Go of Victim Mentality

Do you identify with being a victim? We are all recipients of bias or prejudice, injustice, or injury in some form. In our society it is more unusual to NOT be a victim of something, than to BE a victim. However not everyone adopts a “victim” mentality, ready to see insult or injury in every interaction.

Quantum physics proves that your focus and attention change the world around you. (Read this article or this one.)

When you focus on the energy of victimhood, you are perpetuating the experience of that. Every smile is viewed as a smirk. A traffic jam or long grocery store line is what you always expect. Everyone is out to get you. “Why does this always happen to me?” Events are experienced through a filter of negative thought and belief, and so all you can see is negativity. The ego voice is doing its job…keeping you safe, even though there is usually no real danger.

This pattern is often learned in childhood experiences of feeling powerless and blamed. But learning to take ownership of your belief system can make a world (literally) of difference. Ownership brings power, reducing the feeling of powerlessness that victimhood creates.

When you learn to mindfully identify what you want in life and what actions need to happen to create what you want, you have regained power over your beliefs and action. Release judgment and blame – they serve no purpose except to increase negative energy. Learn to forgive those who you perceive as having wronged you as well as yourself. When you let go of the feeling of injustice and injury, you create room for love.

When it comes to acting like a victim, remember that “no” is a complete sentence. Practice saying no, respectfully and authentically; you have the authority and right to make your own choices for your life, without explanation.

Be mindfully grateful for what you have, who you are, and who is in your life. When you are aware of all the abundance in your life, these positive sensations of appreciation and gratitude can often override blame and fear.

Get some outside support to identify the root source of your feelings of being a victim. When you understand the dynamics of how you buy into believing you’re a victim you can take appropriate action, and begin to live a life of positive action and experience.

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