The Value of Patience in Healing

How poor are they that have not patience! What wound did ever heal but by degrees?” ~ Othello, William Shakespeare.

Consider the truth of this line from Othello. When your skin is cut, the process of healing begins to grow new cells, remove damaged ones, and fill in the cut. Occasionally a scar remains if the cut was deep. You can take steps to prevent injury such as using an oven mitt to retrieve a dish from the oven, or wear a helmet while riding a bike, but you cannot prevent all injury unless you remain motionless and stop living your life.

patienceLikewise, you cannot stop feeling. Truly experiencing and accepting your emotions allows for a rich, fully present life.When you experience sadness, anger, grief or any other “negative” emotion, you gradually heal or “get over it.” (There is no truly negative emotion – all serve a purpose – however in our western culture we often view these as less desirable feelings.) When an event occurs to which your reaction is sadness, for instance, valuable healing takes place when you learn how to shift focus from what is experienced as sad to acceptance, as is taught in mindfulness practice.

Occasionally when an emotional “cut” is deep, the healing process takes more time, and emotional scars can remain. Healing takes as long as it takes (read more about this in this post) and you must be patient with the process. Everyone heals differently based upon his or her own make-up and the nature of the wound. Don’t judge where you are; accept that you are moving through healing as is appropriate for you.

Have patience with where you are, whether it feels uncomfortable or pleasant. Be with your emotions, and allow your soul wisdom to manage the healing process.

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