Who Are You, Really?

This may sound a little harsh, but it is so true that when we deny our own feelings we not only negatively affect our health, we deny our authentic self.  (I believe our essence is our soul/spirit–and is love).  How many of us have been, or are currently, what is popularly known as “people pleasers?” We adjust our feelings and behavior according to another’s standards. That  “other” can be a family member, spouse, child, or society as a whole.

Sometimes we can become so entrenched in the expectations of others that we forget who we authentically are. We suppress our feelings, opinions, and natural behaviors to fit in, to be what others want us to be (or how we believe others want us to be). We live our daily lives by rote, repeating the habits we have learned. Our “true inner self” shrinks until there is little remaining that is authentic.

I AmThis behavior can alter our physical body. The suppression of who we really are stifles the body’s energy (known in some healing modalities as “chi”) and can create such conditions as mood disorders, auto-immune diseases, and eating disorders.

We begin to suppress our natural authentic selves early in life by attempting to feel our parents’ or caregivers’ love and doing/being the way they want us to be in order to feel we deserve their love. This process is unconscious.  We take on these personality characteristics and it becomes very difficult and scary to let them go for fear we won’t be loved anymore. Therefore, learning who we authentically are, and becoming that, is not an easy process.

Although the road to authenticity can seem like a steep hill, the climb is important. When we embrace our natural feelings and feel free to express them, living an authentic life, we can live in health and happiness. Be good to yourself and embrace who YOU are. Let this always be your standard.

And when you need a helping hand to climb that hill, reach out to us.

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