Big change at Soul Wisdom Therapy

“The only constant in life is change,” a quote attributed to the Buddha, but it could have come from any wise sage. Sometimes life will challenge us with unexpected, difficult changes — like a job loss, serious illness, divorce or death of a loved one – that will completely upend our lives.

Soul Wisdom Therapy, my group psychotherapy practice, is going through its own unforeseen, big change. A recent California Supreme Court decision effectively prevents me from collaborating with therapists working as independent contractors — an arrangement we’ve had for the past eight years. I am very sorry to see my colleagues leave SWT and I wish them well in their new private practices.

On Oct. 1 I return to solo practice, still under the name Soul Wisdom Therapy. Rest assured I will continue to see my clients at the Sacramento and Davis offices. In 2019 I will begin offering online individual therapy and therapy groups, and online trainings. My former colleagues will continue to see their existing clients in their new private practices.

So change happens. And big, difficult changes will inevitably come. For some insight into coping with change, check out the latest SWT Newsletter!

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