Divorce and the Support System of Therapy

With even the best of intentions, sometimes a marriage does not last, and even when the decision is mutual and amicable the breakup of a marriage is extremely stressful for all involved.

Reasons for separation and divorce are many.  Although specific behaviors, events or personality traits can contribute to the marriage ending, usually the foundation is how the couple relate to each other, which is often a bigger issue.

separation David Castillo DominiciIf there is any chance the marriage can be saved and if both partners think they want to stay married, the marriage therapist will help them figure out if each of their needs and wants for the relationship can possibly be met.

However, if the couple comes in in a crisis situation and both partners see no hope for the marriage, the therapist can assist the couple with  smoother transition into separation and/or divorce. Therapy during a divorce proceeding can be very effective in alleviating the stress and emotional turmoil involved. Such topics as emotional and mental health, interpersonal relationships, sexuality, the wellbeing of children, grief, forgiveness and other aspects can be examined.  And because we are whole beings (mind, body and soul), having the support of a therapist can offer healing of all aspects of self during a divorce.

Those involved in the breakup of a marriage will find themselves in a new position – single once again but in a different way. A divorcing spouse may find comfort by regaining self-confidence, especially in a romantic relationship(take this out–it is confusing –makes it sound like the partner can/should move into another romantic relationship), after the trauma of a breakup. Working with a qualified therapist can also help the client work through such feelings as guilt, shame, fear, worry, depression and anger.

Psychotherapy at this trying time can also assist with a mediation process, when the couple chooses to avoid a court proceeding.

As one of the most stressful events to occur in life, obtaining the support you need during and after a divorce is important to your overall health and wellbeing.

(image credit: David Castillo Dominici)

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