Reconnect with Soul

Did you know that the origin of the word “psyche” is “soul”?  Our work as psychotherapists involves the whole person – the physical body, the mind, and the “higher self”, the spirit or soul.  When we connect more deeply with our inner soul-wisdom, we discover a new level of wholeness, self-love, spiritual awareness and life purpose.

peace 2It is often this disconnection from soul which causes us stress and difficulty coping. When you are in touch with your soul, which is a part of God/the Divine/Spirit, you live and experience the truth of your Being. Your life then feels meaningful, abundant, and even joyful.  Your own guidance system helps you make decisions, maintain healthy relationships, a healthy body, a strong mind; it helps all aspects of you to thrive.

When you find yourself feeling lost, unclear or confused, take a few minutes of quiet to reconnect with the highest part of you. Close your eyes, take a few very deep, relaxed breaths, and clear your mind. It’s only in the quiet that we can hear that “still small voice” of guidance, always ready to help.

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