A Mindful Experience of Growth

When you are forced by circumstances to step outside of that well-known comfort zone, you usually feel ill-at-ease, or, logically, uncomfortable. All experiences which trigger painful emotions are teachers, even when you are unable or unwilling to recognize that.

Difficult emotions are always an opportunity for learning. The breakup of a relationship can create self-discovery which leads to improved personal relationships in the future. Grief may lead to deeper relationships with your loved ones. Financial stresses can lead you to greater understanding of useful money management techniques. And what you perceive as personal failure often leads to a new way of being in the world.

A mindful life allows you to live in flow. One moment, one event, one “failure” leads naturally to the next step, and the experiences we deem as unpleasant are an important part of the journey. You learn to let go of your fixed reactions to these, the stories you have told yourself about who you are and your place in the world.

All things coexist with their opposite. Even when you can’t see it in the moment, there is always some small element of a gift or blessing in the moment of pain, an opportunity for expansion and deeper meaning. When you live a mindful life, you can learn to accept painful events and emotions and understand that they are temporary. You cope without judgment, without shutting down with overwhelm or by medicating. No difficulty is insurmountable, and being present in the moment allows you to recognize the resolution.

When you step back from the situation and objectively notice how you feel without getting caught up in useless thoughts, you can choose to recognize your personal power and appreciate where you are. This practice of mindfulness actually makes your brain more resilient, so that adapting to difficulties in the future becomes less stressful. And then you have come to a new way of viewing yourself and your place in the world.

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