The Courage to Feel Fear

How often do you avoid new experiences because you feel worried or afraid that something might go wrong? We have all had the experience of thinking, “I wish I had…” Fear of failure, fear of being noticed, fear of being successful…whatever holds you back, the fearful anticipation of a potentially negative situation prevents you from living fully. But increasing your tolerance for (and acceptance of) your fear and anxiety is key to living a more successful, happier, and healthier life.

When you can face the fear, accept that you feel it, and move on anyway, you are truly living a life of possibilities.

fearOne key to doing this successfully is learning to notice what fear feels like in your body. Perhaps your breathing is shallow, or your shoulders are tense. You may notice your jaw is tight or your hands are clenched. When you recognize that your body is telling you it is in a fear state, then you can make the choice to breathe deeply, shake out the tension, and with a calmer mind make a decision to take action. A calmer mind is the seat of power and courage. No analysis, no thinking through it (these add to the discomfort)…just acceptance of what is. You are willing to accept temporary emotional discomfort to reach your goals and live more richly.

It is important to remember that the discomfort you may feel is actually just an energy state. Releasing it through loving self-talk, conscious breathing and physical movement allows for more flow and freedom, and often a beneficial result. The event you feared may bring you joyful new relationships. The experience you wanted to avoid may provide new opportunities. And your tolerance for seemingly painful situations increases.

With each success in allowing and breaking through a fearful state, you feel more confident, and each subsequent challenge feels easier to take on. You learn better choices and how to enjoy new experiences, rather than fearing them. Use supportive people, tools and techniques to support yourself in this journey. Soul Wisdom Therapy is always here for you.

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