Why Do We Lie?

Have you noticed that some people do not tell the truth, even when the truth would be easier? Why is that? Untruths come in the form of “white lies,” exaggeration, gossip, misdirection, not telling the whole story, bluffing, and outright … Read more

When Collecting Becomes Hoarding

Many people enjoy collecting items that add pleasure and richness to their lives: figurines, art, keepsakes from memorable travels, matchbooks or coasters. Items are obtained through thoughtful gifts or conscious decisions and displayed with enjoyment.

The border can be crossed … Read more

What is Conscious Parenting?

Conscious parenting teaches “the art of living” by tending to more than a child’s basic needs (food, clothing, shelter). Conscious parents also offer unconditional love, acceptance, and attention.

As a conscious parent, you allow your child to have different thought … Read more